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Our Store Philosophy – Our Customers

People come to Gallagher Fitness Resources for varying reasons. No matter why they come, everyone learns something, and in-turn, we learn something about them. We share their passion and goals for life-long activity.

The moment you walk in the door, you know you’re in a different place, yet there is a comfortable feel. There is a friendly, supportive approach to everyone, no matter how old or young, how large or small, how seasoned or inexperienced. It is a “we care about you” philosophy.

We begin a relationship with everyone who comes in. Whether they have goals to simply walk pain-free, maintain general fitness, complete their first 5k or qualify for Boston, we listen to their goals, as well as their fears and concerns. What are the barriers they are experiencing? Whether self-imposed or not, we help them break down the barriers to progress. Helping them recognize possible causes for a frustrating situation and options on how to deal with it is part of the relationship-building. We give them tools to gradually progress in their goals and encouragement to succeed. The benefits of this type of service keep people coming back for more. Not only do they want to come back to a familiar place with old-fashioned customer service, they want to tell everyone else about it.

Life expectancy is significantly longer these days compared to 50 years ago, so people strive for higher quality of life. They simply feel better and have the sense they are doing their part to make the world a better place when they live an active lifestyle.

From time to time, however, we are encountered by little road blocks. Regardless of age or fitness level, many people eventually experience heel or arch pain, foot pain, shin pain, and knee pain. Any one of these conditions can limit enjoyment of activity or hinder progress beyond a certain level.

To help people in these challenging situations, we teach them things about their bodies, especially their feet, to them in applicable ways that makes sense. We explain how the feet function, and why shoes and socks are important. But we don’t stop there. This is just the service before the sale.

People have an innate need to touch, feel, experience and be heard. We provide the opportunity for folks to experience how the shoes and socks feel. Through our expertise and experience, we give knowledge, opportunity, encouragement and guidance.

The way we conduct business, our philosophy, is to get to know the customer first. What are their activities? What are their concerns? What kind of feet do they have? Are they wide or narrow? Are their arches flat or high? Do they over-pronate or are they neutral? Which ever the case, we aim to help not just for today, but for the long term. We feel that is what business is about. It’s about building a relationship for the long-term process of getting active and staying active for as long as possible. Having fun along the way helps too!

Here’s where the fun comes in. When people start feeling better because they’re more comfortable, or when they are excited about learning something, it motivates them to want to be better, to learn more, to set a goal or to achieve a higher goal.

People get the idea to start an exercise plan but don’t know where to begin. Although they don’t realize it, they typically start with a “too quick, too soon” approach. To some extent, this is human nature. More is better. I want it and I want it now. So the faster I go, the quicker I’ll get there. They start out like a race horse, only to feel miserable in the process, and not only quit but often times get discouraged from ever starting again.

From numbness and sore arches to shin and knee pain, we help people see these conditions not as limitations, but as mere bumps in the road. They usually just need to slow down a bit, take a look at where they’re at and start back up with a more sensible approach, and usually the right-fitting shoes.

That’s where we can teach them a few basics, provide a little guidance and get them back on the right track. Then they start to make progress. They begin to accomplish things they never thought were possible. Their friends, family, co-workers notice and wonder what they’ve been up to. Why the change in attitude? Why the new outlook? What have they been up to? The intrigued observer wants to know what’s going on. What’s the secret?

New people come in because some excited person said “just go to Gallagher’s!” It’s hard to say exactly what excites people. Perhaps it’s new shoe inserts or maybe just a new perspective on how to start.

GFR is a safe place for those who want to start but have no idea where to begin. There’s a strong sense of community and people like that. They like feeling they are part of something, a special community. It bridges the connection between the ten-year old youth on the soccer field, to the college student, the 30-something, the new mom, and the retired grandparents.


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