Team GFR Training Plans


Gallagher’s Team GFR Training Plans have lead all levels of Salem area runners to success since 1994. We all missed running events and races in 2020. Races and relays are returning in 2021. Let’s get you ready! Have you been “winging it” without success? Did you get really motivated then find yourself injured? Do you really have a plan? Follow one of ours. It’s worth a try.

Choose from four different experience or ability levels.

  • Beginner
  • Recreational
  • Advanced
  • Competitor

Available Training Plans at all levels include:

  • 5k
  • 10k
  • Multi-Day Relay
  • Half Marathon (13.1)
  • Marathon (26.2)

How Do I Find Out More about Team GFR Training Plans?

Click the images or link below for more information. Our secure registration page appears on


Team GFR Training Plans

Do you have groups that train together?

Yes, as soon as all the Covid restrictions are lifted by the Oregon Health Authority. Hopefully this summer we can resume our Saturday Morning Group Runs. For years, Gallagher Fitness Resources opened our front doors to runners every Saturday morning at 6:45am. We look forward to hosting runners at all levels – meeting and working out together – toward common race goals.

Can I register today?

Absolutely! Just click the link or image below to access our registration page.

Team GFR Training Plans
Be prepared for your next race with Team GFR Training Plans.



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