High Street Hustle


High Street Hustle Has Merged with the Spirit of Oregon Half Marathon!

NEW DATE: Sunday October 6, 2019

New distances. 10k, 5k and Kid’s 1/2 Mile.

Let’s Hustle to Prevent Heart Disease!

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Annual High Street Hustle Has Merged with the Spirit of Oregon Half Marathon!

Let’s Hustle to Prevent Heart Disease!

  35 Responses to “High Street Hustle”

  1. Can you take strollers on the course?

  2. Shaun – We should have an answer early next week. Checking with the event insurance provider for clarification. Thanks for asking!

  3. Yes! We can now officially confirm – stroller friendly! No skates, skateboards, bikes, or other wheeled devices, but strollers are allowed.

  4. Will there be day of race registration available? If not what is the last day we can register? I want to run/walk it but my due date is a bit too close for me to sign up very early.

  5. Hi Patricia – Thank you for your inquiry. There is no day of race registration. The last day to register is midnight on Wednesday, August 12. Packet pickup is August 13 and 14.

  6. I would love for my 2 y/o to ‘run’ the 1K, is it ok for adults to walk alongside toddlers on this course? or is it only for older kids? Thank you.

  7. Lara –
    That is exactly the expectation: parents/guardians can run/walk/jog alongside their children! Please note that all children need a bib # and need to be registered.

    Also – are you aware of the YMCA Temporary Child Care? The Family YMCA of Marion and Polk Counties has partnered with the High Street Hustle to offer an amazing service for 1k participants and their parent/legal guardian on race day morning. Do you want to run or walk the 8k or 5k? Does your child or children (ages 2-8) want to run the 1k? You can do both! Let the Family YMCA of Marion and Polk Counties keep an eye on your kiddos while you participate in the 5k or 8k. There is a $10 fee per child. More information is included during the race registration process.

  8. Usual age class awards, i.e., ribbons?

  9. Cancel question re awards. Is this race chip timed?

  10. Dwight –
    This question and many others are answered in the FAQ section on this page. Click the FAQ Button above to see the awards breakout for each event.
    – JohnG

  11. Dwight –
    Yes. The event will be timed by Eclectic Edge Racing of Eugene. We will be using bib #s with RFID chips. The streets are completely closed to traffic and the 5k and 8k are accurately measured and certified by USATF Standards. After a year of planning, Gallagher Fitness Resources, Salem Health, New Balance, the City of Salem and 50 other local business sponsors have brought a big city style race to Salem! Help us spread the word.
    – JohnG

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  13. Thank you Matt Rasmussen from Run Oregon Blog for the super race preview!
    Read the full preview here: Run Oregon Blog – High Street Hustle Preview

  14. Hypothetical question for now, but if I wish to change my event from 5K to 8K can I do this?

  15. Thanks for the email on this Dwight. You are set to go!

  16. Is the entry fee tax deductible for participants that itemize on their individual tax returns?

  17. Holly –
    That is something you should discuss with an accountant. We don’t believe the entire entry would be deductible because you get something tangible of value in return. However, an direct donation to the Salem Hospital Foundation (an option during the registration process) is 100% deductible. Hope that helps!

  18. Are dogs allowed if so I’d like to come ..

  19. Marcia –
    No dogs will be allowed in this event because of the crowds and the event insurance policy.
    – JohnG

  20. With over 800 participants, will you have a wave start?

  21. Sharon –
    No it will be a combined start of 5k and 8k. It is chip-timed (chip attached to bib #), so you will get an accurate time. Thanks for asking.
    – JohnG

  22. What about people who live on High Street and need to leave their home by 8:30am? Will they be able to?

  23. Cesie –
    If you do need to leave from a house on High Street around 8:30am it would be best if you parked on a side street nearby before 7:15am and left from there. High Street itself will be filled with over 1100 walkers and runners until at least 8:45-8:55 and will be completely closed to vehicular traffic. High Street will reopen to traffic approximately 9:00am as we have advertised. We hope that is the information you need. We thank you and all your High Street neighbors for understanding and for tolerating any inconvenience we are causing. The race is raising thousands of dollars for local programs that will raise awareness of heart disease in Marion and Polk counties.
    Thank you for your question!
    – John Gallagher – Race Director

  24. Is there any chance that race time will get posted on the internet if we weren’t able to get our time the day of the race?

  25. Pami –
    Times are available in two places: Each has its own unique search features. Also, many participants opted to have their results texted to them afterwards.

    Thank you for participating!

  26. The High Street Hustle was fun. Thanks so much for spending so much time to make it as enjoyable as it was. I wanted you to know John and I were truly winners–better than any prize we could have won. When we stopped at the Great Harvest booth to sample the rolls (for the 2nd time–we are addicts) they gave us a whole bag of rolls. We love their rolls and can’t afford to buy a whole bag–so we were in heaven. We took them home and I didn’t want to share but John reminded me about Oregon Hospitality. We had guests from Taiwan and they loved them. That made our day almost as much as winning 1st and 2nd place in our age groups. Thanks again for making our day–Caye Poe and John Francis

  27. Thank you Caye and John! We are so glad you had a great time.

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  29. I just wanted to confirm that this year is also stroller friendly. If it is do we need to register our two year old to push him in the stroller?

  30. Antonio – Yes – stroller friendly! No skates, skateboards, bikes, or other wheeled devices, but strollers are allowed. You can push your child without registering him/her.

  31. I registered saying I would NOT be wearing a costume – if I change my mind, do you need to know? Thank you!

  32. Thank you for the message Heather. We are using that question to estimate a rough number of costumed participants. We don’t expect it to be an exact number because people might change their minds based on weather or other factors. You are still free to wear one or not!!

  33. Just wanted to clarify. The YMCA is NOT offering child care services this year. They did last year, but apparently there was little interest.

  34. How about a little warning to the community if you are going to be blocking EVERY single street from Fairview to Center. Just getting from Commercial to 12th is a pain in the butt!

  35. To All Salem Drivers – We apologize that anyone was inconvenienced. Please understand that we did everything to communicate the closures through the City of Salem, ODOT, the Statesman Journal and other local news sources. The map of the course was published a number of times prior to Saturday morning. All closures and re-routes were carried out in accordance with the local authorities.

    To help us improve for next year, is it possible that you could suggest a way to truly let All Salem Drivers know. We sincerely did our best, but are willing to improve!


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