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While participating in your favorite activities, aches and pains sometimes occur. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran it’s not always easy to know when to push through the discomfort and when to back off. Each time you return from a set-back, whether short-term or extended, you learn something new and gain more knowledge in how to deal with it. This learning process is vital to personal improvement. When the aches and pains occur, learn which muscles are tight and how to release them for decreased pain and better performance.

Conditions like IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Piriformis Syndrome are common. Learn to take care of yourself by creating elasticity in the muscles and treating the cause of a problem, rather than just the symptoms. Minimize the aches and pains that steer you off the path toward your goals. Have an edge in your training and performance.

Keep track of new exercises and ways to keep your muscles healthy by using Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools. All of these tools are available at Gallagher Fitness Resources. Descriptions and prices appear below:

TP_Massage Ball

TP Massage Ball $24.95

[bg_faq_start]Assists in managing minor aches and pains of the muscle by applying pressure to general areas. Pressure can be applied by using the floor, wall, or any hard surface to stabilize movement of the ball. In order to massage the muscle, the ball has to remain still with an ample amount of pressure for 5 to 7 seconds. This is when the ball will change shape and the muscle will soften, allowing for an optimal massage.[bg_faq_end]

Total Body Kit 073013

TP Total Body Performance Kit $179.95

[bg_faq_start]The Total Body Performance Kit is Trigger Point Performance™’s most comprehensive package, featuring our core massage tools and extensive education in the form of a detailed guidebook and two essential DVDs. By following the precise, yet simple, instructions provided, you’ll quickly master our revolutionary Myofascial Compression™ Techniques methodology for 12 key areas of the body — and create a platform for achieving and maintaining healthy movement.

Includes: TP FootBaller™ & Baller Block™, TP QuadBaller™, TP 2-Ball™ Sleeve, 2 Massage Balls + Education – Total Body – 12 manipulations, 44 color pages, Dual DVD Set: Disc 1 – Introduction & How-To Session, Disc 2 – Tips for Success & Class Session.


U6 Kit 073013

Ultimate 6 Kit $154.95

[bg_faq_start]The Ultimate 6™ Kit includes all of Trigger Point Performance™’s core tools and the updated Ultimate 6™ for Runners (Vol. 2) Guidebook. This self-massage kit is designed to promote efficient biomechanics by addressing the “Ultimate 6” areas of the body – soleus, quadriceps, IT band, psoas, piriformis and pectorals – with our revolutionary Myofascial Compression™ Techniques methodology. Prepare your body for exercise with strong, elastic muscles that provide improved movement and force production.

Includes: TP FootBaller™ & Baller Block™, TP QuadBaller™, TP 2-Ball™ Sleeve, 2 Massage Balls + Education: The Ultimate 6™ for Runners (Vol. 2) Guidebook – Six manipulations, 24 color pages. [bg_faq_end]

TP_Foot Kit

Foot Kit $109.95

[bg_faq_start]The TP Performance Foot and Lower Leg Kit is designed to give you the tools you need to specifically massage and manipulate the muscles in the lower leg and foot. Recommended for anyone experiencing aches and pains in the plantar fascia, heel, arch, calf, shins, soleus, metatarsals.

Includes: Footballer, two TP Massage Balls, TP Baller Block, Instructional DVD, and a complimentary Body Biomechanics for the Foot and Lower Leg DVD

The Foot and Lower Leg Instructional DVD in this kit includes a detailed How-To section that answers questions about pace, placement, breathing, posture, duration and much more. The DVD also includes a 20-minute Re-Gen Class, which is very similar to a yoga class in feel, that you can follow along with to make sure you are doing the manipulations as suggested.

The Body Biomechanics for the Foot and Lower Leg DVD is educational for people experiencing Foot and Lower Leg pain. The DVD talks about what the body goes through on a daily basis and how it affects biomechanics. You will also find tips for success within this DVD to give you pointers on hydration, icing, stretching and other things we do or need to think about daily.[bg_faq_end]

TP_Starter Set

Starter Set $69.95

[bg_faq_start]The TP Starter Set includes the essential building blocks for managing minor aches and pains in the lower leg. The starter set is a helpful tool for thousands of multisport athletes who suffer from aches and pain in the feet, achilles tendon, shins, and other muscles throughout the lower leg.[bg_faq_end]


TP Quadballer $59.95

[bg_faq_start]The TP Quadballer allows you to roll completely through the quads, IT band, lower back, hamstrings and neck in a safe effective manner, ON YOUR OWN and HANDS FREE![bg_faq_end]


The Grid $39.95

[bg_faq_start]Revolutionary Foam Roller. Features Distrodensity Zones, Matrix Technology and an environmentally friendly design. Being only 13″ long and 5″ in diameter, the sleek design of The Grid makes it an excellent travel companion. The Grid is designed for athletes and people of all types – from long distance runners and endurance athletes to major league sports players, soccer moms and yoga enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to massage your lats, quads, lower back, or any other large muscle group, or trying to achieve a killer core body workout, The Grid is certain to suit your needs. The Grid is the most versatile and comprehensive foam roller and workout tool available.[bg_faq_end]

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at Gallagher’s to learn how to use these great tools for self-massage and assist in your recovery from workouts!