Oct 242011

“Conversation Pace” is the key to getting started and staying with it. Walking and running should feel good. Your effort, in general, should be comfortable. We are often asked, “What’s comfortable supposed to feel like?” or “How do you define comfortable?” Comfortable means being able to talk in complete sentences while exercising. Using the “talk […]

Dec 112010

If you have ever participated in the homebrewing or winemaking process you will appreciate this analogy.  Assuming the right ingredients are mixed in the right proportions and the “recipe” is followed correctly there is little that separates marathon training from winemaking and homebrewing when you reflect on these three essential components: Experience – The best […]

Oct 222009

When designing the four levels of training programs, I created plans that would differ in total workload by about 15% each as you move from Beginner to Recreational to Advanced to Competitor. In measuring the total workload, I looked at the following: Total Days per week Run/Walk Ratios Total Suggested Running Mileage Total Time Suggested […]