May 202012
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You’ve trained diligently for your event and now all you have to do is get a good night’s sleep, wake up early enough in the morning and head to the starting line.  But, do you have everything you need?  Many participants, from first-timers to veterans, take last-minute preparations for granted. To be prepared, make a […]

May 202012
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Keeping track of exercise sessions and how we feel during exercise allows us to see improvement, helps us learn to avoid mistakes that lead to injury and helps us stay accountable and consistent. Logging can also be a great source of inspiration, both to yourself and to others. More on logging: Provides information on how […]

Mar 182012
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Factors Affecting Your Heart Rate

Factors Affecting Heart Rate There are certain factors affecting heart rate when exercising. Your body relies as heavily on the oxygen/fuel ratio as your car does. Much like your car’s engine, your body uses oxygen and various fuels (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) to yield muscle energy. When this ratio is not in balance in the […]

Nov 082010
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Will I Melt If I Run in the RAIN?

Contrary to the fate of the the Wicked Witch of the West, it is highly unlikely you will melt when water contacts your skin while running.  However, the likelihood of chafing and blisters does increase when the raindrops fall.  Be prepared! Avoid cotton next to your skin.  Cotton loves water and readily absorbs it.  As […]

Oct 132010

Congratulations to all finishers on 10/10/10!  Mother Nature dealt a crooked hand this past Sunday in Portland, OR.  Soggy shoes, soggy shirts, and soggy shorts ruled the morning.  Our TeamGFR Marathon and Half-Marathon group performed bravely!  Finishers endured a record setting rainfall for marathon day and a record crowd of runners and walkers. Here’s a […]