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Keeping track of exercise sessions and how we feel during exercise allows us to see improvement, helps us learn to avoid mistakes that lead to injury and helps us stay accountable and consistent. Logging can also be a great source of inspiration, both to yourself and to others.

More on logging:

  • Provides information on how weather conditions, clothes, shoes and food affect exercise
  • Provides information on favorite places to exercise
  • A “journal of your journey” says John “The Penguin” Bingham
  • No matter where you are at this moment, a year from now you will have traveled to a new place
  • Helps you track physical and emotional change
  • Allows you to feel great enjoyment and accomplishment looking over past experiences
  • What may seem like trivial data today can be the basis for analyzing progress or meeting challenges in the future
  • Reflections on times when things went well often lead to future success in meeting your goals
  • Allows you to analyze what led up to an injury or less-than-satisfactory performance
  • Past problems can help you make powerful changes – if you have the right information written down
  • The accounts of your successes can often lead to more success
  • One of the main reasons why we don’t log is because we don’t want to know the truth!

Tip from the Big Cat Kahuna:

  • Secure homework slips onto an 8 ½ by 11-inch sheet (4 weeks per sheet)
  • Record actual minutes walked or run each day and total your minutes at the end of the week
  • Leave space after each week to write notes: weather, time of day, route, shoes, how you felt, what you wore, who you went with, what you learned, goals, etc.
  • Have fun!

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