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BEGINNER LEVEL. The beginner level workouts include a combination of running and walking. By gradually adding time and mileage, these plans emphasize building a solid endurance base. Some hill work is also included. Progress gradually and learn the importance of varying pace and effort on your way to completing your first 10k, half-marathon, or marathon.

AVERAGE WEEK: On average the Beginner Level Program calls for

  • Days Running – Four Days suggested (usually Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday)
  • Days Walking – One Day each week go for a longer walk.¬† Builds endurance and offers recovery from increased running¬† (usually Sunday)
  • Days Cross-Training – One to two days suggested (usually Tuesday or Wednesday and optional Thursday)
  • Day OFF – One Day Off each week (usually Friday)

The Progression we suggest for most beginners is the following:

10k Plan- 10 weeks – November through January. Designed to help the beginner build gradually toward an eventual half-marathon or marathon. This program takes you from a 5k starting point to the Cascade 10k in January.

Half-Marathon Plan – 13 weeks – February through April or May.

Marathon Plan- 22 weeks – May through October.

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