Oct 142014

How to Run and Walk Half Marathon TIP #1: Approach the Half-Marathon by splitting it into two equal halves. The first half takes you to the 10-mile mark and the second half is the final 3.1 miles (5k). Now before you question my math skills, listen to my reasoning. The first 10 miles should be […]

Nov 092013
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BEGINNER LEVEL. The beginner level workouts include a combination of running and walking. By gradually adding time and mileage, these plans emphasize building a solid endurance base. Some hill work is also included. Progress gradually and learn the importance of varying pace and effort on your way to completing your first 10k, half-marathon, or marathon. […]

Nov 012009
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RECREATIONAL LEVEL. Has experience running 5k’s, 10k’s, Hood-to-Coast, half-marathons, or marathons and prefers to keep goals general in the midst of a busy life. Sees running as a social outlet. This plan provides the structure necessary for improvement and the flexibility to run half-marathons instead of marathons. Be better prepared for Hood-to-Coast, or run marathons […]

Nov 012009
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ADVANCED LEVEL. Have a definite target time or pace in mind and want more intensity in your workouts? The Advanced Level is for you. The Advanced Level helps develop running skills and strengths and is higher on the “challenge” scale, but fun is still the emphasis! While the Recreational Level provides opportunities to do multiple […]

Nov 012009
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COMPETITOR LEVEL. For those committed to achieving top performance. Workouts suited for sub-3:45 and faster marathoners and sub-1:50 half marathoners. This plan balances racing and other endurance-based activities with a solid program of anaerobic sharpening and strength-endurance workouts to maximize training time. If you want that extra edge as a triathlete, or a Boston Marathon […]

Oct 222009

When designing the four levels of training programs, I created plans that would differ in total workload by about 15% each as you move from Beginner to Recreational to Advanced to Competitor. In measuring the total workload, I looked at the following: Total Days per week Run/Walk Ratios Total Suggested Running Mileage Total Time Suggested […]