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Susan, Just wanted to let you know that my hips are really sore today (thursday).  Must have been those princess steps!!  Felt a little sore yesterday but more so today.  Hope you have a wonderful trip and we’ll see you when you guys get back.  Thanks for joining us on our walk tuesday night…was fun and learned alot…


Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Just like John mentioned, “delayed onset muscle soreness” or DOMS, sometime more so the 2nd day than the first day following the activity. You used muscles in a way you haven’t used them in awhile, so you are really feeling them.  Hopefully that’s good and the soreness will subside within another day or two. Remember the 48-72 hour rule? It is mentioned in the Injury Prevention handout, accessible on the website. (also attached)

Pain is relative… some people have a high tolerance, others don’t. If you’re experiencing pain and you’re not sure what to do, apply the 48-72 hour rule. Back off considerably or stop for 48-72 hours. This gives appropriate time to allow natural healing. Icing usually helps. If there is significant improvement between 48-72 hours, continue or resume exercise. Monitor your condition and proceed with caution. If there is no improvement between 48-72 hours, or if it worsens, stop exercising entirely until pain disappears. Take additional time off or do some other form of exercise that is pain-free. Options may include pool running, swimming or stationary biking. If the condition persists for 7-10 days without improvement, you may consider medical intervention.

Anyway, hang in there, and go easy on your next walk. I mean ease into it and continue to practice the princess steps. But mainly, feel really good about not only starting the program but sticking with it and truly enjoying the progress you are making. Believe that you are making progress, and feel good that you are feeling those muscles working. I’m really excited for you and can’t wait to get out there again with you! Cheers!

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