Jan 272010

I worked with Dick Brown for over a year in the mid 90’s while training for the 1500 (the metric mile). On a side note, Dick has coached several world class athletes, including former olympians.

I thanked him and said to Dick, the training element I remember the most is one of the most difficult concepts to teach, and yet it’s the most important. It’s recovery. And Dick said, “I was hoping that’s what you were going to say.

We went on to discuss that motivated runners have the ability to push a button and go hard, but they have a difficult time backing off and going easy, especially on the days that are supposed to be easy. So what happens is they push too hard on the easy days and then can’t put the pedal down on the hard days because it’s just not there.

Frequently I hear about injuries or conditions that limit people’s regular training, most of which are related to lack of recovery. So just a little reminder, if it says go easy, do yourself a favor and go easy. You’ll be happily surprised at how much stronger you’ll feel the next time your plan calls for you to pick it up.


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  4 Responses to “Insights from Susan – Recovery”

  1. I was one of those people that had a very hard time listening to the adivise and the training schedule. What happened… I was injured and out for 3 weeks right befor my 1st half marathon. It is really good to listen and take it easy. You’ll have plenty of oppertunities to work harder, so really take advantage of your easy days, they are there for a reason!!

  2. I can identify with that Susan. In my few short years running I’ve discovered all the repetition injuries and cured them with changes to my stride and equipment. This year I discovered what happens to your knee if the ITB gets too tight. It does not feel good!! So being a little competitive and a bit overzealous to run my first marathon this Spring I have over trained and under recovered. It would have been so much easier, now it cost me a whole week and I’m re familiarizing myself with my Trigger tools. Thank goodness for them!

  3. Ah yes, the old “EZ run”, read EASY run, the single hardest run on any given day in any week during any schedule one is training to. Thanks for the “pleasant reminder”. I tried and failed, once again, on Thursday night, but must admit, I was far closer to the “EZ pace” compared to many weeks of ignoring this simple fact, EZ means EASY!

  4. I have ALWAYS struggled with taking an easy day because I consider it taking a day off. If I turn it off for one day, I am afraid that I will not turn it back on. I understand that body needs time to recover from a workout and it is important to have those Easy days, but I’ve spent too many days of my life “taking it easy.” I fear that taking an easy day is a step towards my old lifestyle of being out of shape and apathetic. It’s all mental, but isn’t that what running a marathon is?

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