Mar 012011
 March 1, 2011  Posted by at 9:33 am Women's Clinic 1 Response »

The Spring Women’s Clinic begins today. A big welcome to all the women who are registered, 117! And a huge thank you to all the group leaders! We couldn’t do it without you. I’m excited to get this one off the ground.  And while there’s a bit of sadness that I won’t be going to […]

Feb 062011
 February 6, 2011  Posted by at 2:40 pm General Interest 2 Responses »
Susan's Recovery Update: 2-6-11

On Dec 30th I had ankle reconstruction. Fast forward to 2/11 and I get the CAST OFF! Progress! Then I’ll wear a boot for 4-6 weeks, with gradual weight-bearing and I’ll be able to get in the pool again and sweat! Progress! People ask what happened and what exactly was done in surgery. The procedure […]

Jan 142011

As with any form of exercise, proper breathing techniques are a foundational element for success when using Trigger Point Performance tools and methods. Deep nasal breaths provide a steady stream of oxygen to the lower lobes of the lungs where blood oxygen transfer is at its greatest.  As we address key areas of the body […]

Jan 272010

I worked with Dick Brown for over a year in the mid 90’s while training for the 1500 (the metric mile). On a side note, Dick has coached several world class athletes, including former olympians. I thanked him and said to Dick, the training element I remember the most is one of the most difficult concepts to […]