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On Dec 30th I had ankle reconstruction. Fast forward to 2/11 and I get the CAST OFF! Progress! Then I’ll wear a boot for 4-6 weeks, with gradual weight-bearing and I’ll be able to get in the pool again and sweat! Progress!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk – KU!

People ask what happened and what exactly was done in surgery. The procedure included calcaneal osteotomy, flexor digitorum longus transfer, debridement of remnants of posterior tibial tendon and repair of old disruption spring ligament and medial talonavicular capsule.

What it really means? The posterior tibial tendon, important for walking and running, was dysfunctional and I’d been compensating for years, creating damage to other tendons and ligaments, eventually decreasing joint stability which was worsening quickly. The osteotomy (restructuring the heel bone) and the flexor digitorum longus transfer (grafting one tendon to replace another) will provide joint stability. Surgery was successful and patience is my friend.

Knee scooter = more mobility and independence than crutches or wheelchair. The uniform? Kansas Jayhawk Track & Field and Cross Country 83-85, hence the hot pink and blue cast! Have I been bored? Absolutely not! Leg elevated, mostly, laptop, cell phone and books provide plenty to keep me occupied, and visitors, delightful! As for the scooter, John calls me “Scooter Girl!” Go figure.

Many family, friends and customers have been very helpful through my recovery and transition. To all, your wonderful support and thoughts for continued recovery are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Cheers! – Big Cat Kahuna

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  1. Good to see that you are doing well!

  2. Good to see that you are doing well!

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