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Has experience running 5k’s, 10k’s, Hood-to-Coast, half-marathons, or marathons and prefers to keep goals general in the midst of a busy life. Sees running as a social outlet. This plan provides the structure necessary for improvement and the flexibility to run half-marathons instead of marathons. Be better prepared for Hood-to-Coast, or run marathons as active vacations in faraway places.

This level offers a suggested “up tempo” day on either Tuesday or Wednesday each week. This workout helps build strength and develops pacing skills. It can be adapted to fit your goals. The best workouts are the FUN workouts!

The workouts allow runners the flexibility of completing multiple half-marathons in a year or a few marathons at a leisurely pace. Most of all, the workouts for the Recreational Level are designed to keep the injuries away.

AVERAGE WEEK: On average the Recreational Level Program calls for

  • Days Running – Four Days suggested (usually Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday)
    • Monday is an easy run day
    • Tuesday or Wednesday is occasionally a slightly more intense workout
    • Thursday is always a recovery/easy run day
    • Saturday is either a longer day or a second moderate workout depending upon the week
  • Days Cross-Training – Two Days suggested (usually Sunday and Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • Day OFF – One Day Off each week (usually Friday)
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