Team GFR Saturday Mornings

Team GFR Saturday Mornings

TEAM GFR Saturday Mornings – 2021 Update

Gallagher Fitness Resources continues to monitor the health guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority. We remain hopeful that we can re-open our doors at 6:45am every Saturday within the upcoming year for Team GFR Saturday Mornings. We sincerely miss seeing our runners on Saturdays. Every week someone asks if they can join the group. “Hopefully, soon!” has been our constant response.

Need people to run with?  When we resume, meet other runners on Saturdays and make plans to run with them during the week. The runs are FREE! Pace and distance varies widely from week to week. Typically there are groups running anywhere from 4 miles up to 22 miles and ranging in pace from 8-minute miles to over 12-minute miles.

Saturdays Feature TEAM GFR Training Plans:

Until we can return to our traditional group training runs again, we invite you to follow Team GFR Training Plans. We are confident – someday soon – races will return. You want to be healthy, ready, and trained to get on the starting line once again.

Experience how gratifying a finishers medal can be when you are prepared to do your best. So many runners prepare for races by trying to “wing it” in their training. Since 1994, Gallagher’s training plans have led thousands of Salem area runners to success. Receive sound advice from John and Susan Gallagher’s years of coaching experience.  Expect consistent improvement by following a plan.  It’s worth a try!

Team GFR Training Levels:

Beginner Level:

  • Currently runs infrequently, active 3-5 days/week
  • Wants to run more consistently
  • Workouts include a combination of running and walking
  • Build a solid endurance base by safely and gradually adding time and mileage
  • Some hill work is included
  • Learn the importance of varying pace and effort
  • Complete your first 5k, 10k or half-marathon or return from an extended layoff

Recreational Level:

  • Has experience running 5k’s, 10k’s, relays, half-marathons or marathons
  • Prefers to keep goals general in the midst of a busy life
  • Sees running as a social outlet
  • Enjoys running at a comfortable pace, but would like to improve over time
  • Provides structure necessary to improve and flexibility to run a variety of race distances
  • Offers a suggested “up tempo” day mid-week (usually Wednesday)
  • Workouts help build strength and develop pacing skills
  • Most of all, Recreational Level workouts are designed to keep the injuries away

Advanced Level:

  • Has a definite target time or pace in mind and wants more intensity in workouts
  • Helps develop running skills and strengths and is more challenging
  • Balances harder workouts at a faster pace with recovery runs at a slower pace
  • Focuses energies on one or two goal marathons or half-marathons a year
  • 10k and 5k plans will include workouts at a local track or park
  • Scheduled mid-week intensity session each week
  • Wider variety of workouts for Saturday runs

Competitor Level:

  • For those committed to achieving top performance
  • Workouts suited for sub-3:40 marathon, sub-1:45 half marathon, sub-46:00 10k, or sub-22:00 5k
  • Has a definite target time or pace in mind and can handle more intensity in workouts
  • Encourages racing and other endurance-based activities
  • Builds a solid program of anaerobic sharpening with strength-endurance workouts
  • Wants a Boston Marathon qualifying time or to gain an extra edge as a triathlete

Program Features/Perks:

  • Integration with all features of, including
    • Apps for I-Phone and Android
    • Fully editable calendar
    • Compatible with Garmin, Strava, Polar, MapMyRun, Stryd
  • Individualized Pacing and Heart Rate Guidelines (using FinalSurge calculators)
  • Integrated communication within the FinalSurge app
  • Exclusive discounts on purchases at Gallagher Fitness Resources during your training program.
  • Customized Daily Workout
  • Nightly Workout Mailer: Your workouts delivered to your e-mail or mobile device
  • Month/Week-at-a-Glance Training Calendar

Registration Options:

Saturday morning group training doesn’t work out for you? Don’t fret. You can still benefit from the individualized guidelines and do the training on your own. You can sign up for a block of time or for an individual training plan for 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, a Relay or a Marathon. The block of time option offers flexibility to move between training plans and event distances for a period of 12 months, 9 months, 8 months or 6 months.

Available Block of Time Options:

  • 12 Months Option – $135 – Choose from all the available plans for one year!
  • 9 Months Option – $115 – Choose from all the available plans for nine months.
  • 8 Months Option – $105 – Choose from all the available plans for eight months.
  • 6 Months Option – $ 85 – Choose from all the available plans for six months.

Individual Distance Plans Also Available:

If you want to train for a shorter period of time, choose an individual plan for your goal event: 5K, 10k, Half Marathon, a 2-day Team Relay, or the Marathon. The links below will re-direct you to the appropriate page to sign up today!

  • 5k Plan – $35 – 10 weeks [9 weeks building to your event + 1 week recovery]
  • 10k Plan – $35 – 10 weeks [9 weeks building to your event + 1 week recovery]
  • Relay Plan – $45 – 13 weeks [11 weeks building to your event + 2 weeks recovery]
  • Half-Marathon Plan – $45 – 13 weeks [11 weeks building to your event + 2 weeks recovery]
  • Marathon Plan – $75 – 22 weeks [20 weeks building to your event + 2 weeks recovery]

Click the RunSignUp Button below to register

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Questions about Team GFR Saturday Mornings?

Call us at (503) 364-4198.


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