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FROM Deb Lush:

I thought I’d forward this email that I wrote this morning to the Renegade group about St. George.  We had a great time, but it wasn’t a PR race.  Of course, that’s disappointing, but there’s more to life and it’s the gamble we take on the weather.  No regrets.  I’ll just have to wait another 6 months or likely more to break a new PR.  I’m proud that a slow run with lots of walking still gets me in at 3:48, which is still my 4th fastest race, of 18.  =)


Subject: Deb’s report

We have been a little silent, haven’t we?  What’s more to say:  high of mid-90s that day.  Nearly 60 degrees at the start…before the sun was up…at 5200 feet elevation.  No shade.  Anywhere.  Period.  We all were hot, dehydrated, and slow.  At least I’d like to say we were all slow, but there were three notable exceptions.

Chris PR’d with a 3:28 after eating FOUR SPORT BEANS the whole race.  He has confessed he might need a different fueling strategy for the next race, given the IV at the finish.

Sue got second in her age division with a 3:32.  And no IVs.
Nancy qualified for Boston with a 3:52.

The rest of us slowed it down, whether by choice or not.  Jen and Dennis both ran smart, slowing it down for the heat and doing what made sense for the day, which was not the intended goal.  Same for me.  I personally was at least 15 minutes slower than planned, and I walked a lot.  I felt very nauseated any time I picked up the pace. 

Bob and James were smart enough to give up the intended goal before the race started and so probably felt the best of any of us on the course, and they had a great time.

But then my brother finished and I didn’t feel so bad: he collapsed, was delusional, and had two IVs.  We enjoyed a bonding hour in the medic tent.  His newbie mistake (marathon #2) was that he didn’t know you could refill your water on the course and he ran out at mile 20, then was so delusional he missed the next water stops.  Despite his dehydration, he did a 4:06, quite an improvement after the 4:52 we ran at Napa.  He’s itching for a sub-4 again, and would have had it if it weren’t for the weather.

The rest of the time was perfect!  Well, that is, except for the little issue of the airline losing Chris’s luggage…running shoes and clothes and all….  It has yet to be found.  Did I mention Chris PR’d with NEW running shoes, too?  He the man.

So, aside from Boston, where we going next year guys???  Deb

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