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COMPETITOR LEVEL. For those committed to achieving top performance. Workouts suited for sub-3:45 and faster marathoners and sub-1:50 half marathoners. This plan balances racing and other endurance-based activities with a solid program of anaerobic sharpening and strength-endurance workouts to maximize training time. If you want that extra edge as a triathlete, or a Boston Marathon qualifying time, this level will get you there.  Overall the Competitor Level calls for about a 15-20% increase in total running mileage and features more intense speed/strength workouts than the advanced level.

AVERAGE WEEK: On average the Competitor Level Program calls for

  • Days Running – Five Days suggested (usually Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday)
    • Sunday is either a run or a cross training day depending on the week
    • Monday is an easy to sometimes moderate run depending on the week
    • Tuesday is an optional cross-training day or recovery run
    • Wednesday is a more intense workout
    • Thursday is always a recovery/easy run day or optional cross-training day
    • Saturday is either a longer day or a second moderately intense workout depending upon the week
  • Days Cross-Training – One to Two Days suggested (usually Sunday and Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • Day OFF – One Day Off each week (usually Friday)
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