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Womens Clinic Pace Groups

Womens Clinic Pace Groups

Womens clinic pace groups vary from clinic to clinic. At the beginning of each Women’s Beginning Walking and Running Clinic, most people place themselves in the right group. However, for a few, it’s a bit difficult. If this is you, hang in there. Remember you can experiment with different groups, the goal being to eventually settle in to the one that’s right for you. A little shifting around in the first couple weeks is okay if you’re not sure. If you are unsettled by week 3, please see me.

I occasionally get inquiries regarding the “pace” of each group. While most people don’t have any idea of their pace, some happen to know their general pace from a recent event, a walk or run on a route of known distance, or from viewing minutes per mile on a treadmill where you can switch miles per hour to minutes per mile.

At the beginning of each clinic, base fitness varies from person to person. Throughout the clinic, homework consistency also varies. Those who aren’t consistent will have progressively more difficulty keeping up with those who are. If you’re in a group that doesn’t feel comfortable, switch groups or see me and we’ll talk about it. It’s not about the group, it’s about starting slowly and progressing gradually through consistency and patience. Don’t be in a hurry. Be patient and you’ll make solid gains toward your goals.

Group Pace Range

Group pace varies from clinic to clinic and we never know the exact pace range for a given group. However, here is historical information intended to assist with group placement. Data is from 5k’s (3.1 miles) done by “cats” at the end of 12-week Women’s Clinics. There’s quite a range for some groups, as well as a little overlap in the Panther, Cheetah and Bobcat groups, partially due to base fitness and homework consistency. This is meant as a “general guide” for group placement and should not cause unnecessary alarm or confusion.

LEOPARDS: Average Pace = 18:00-20:00 per mile (55:55-1:02 5k)

COUGARS: Average Pace = 16:30-17:45 per mile (51:22-54:28 5k)

JAGUARS: Average Pace = 14:00-16:00 per mile (44:03-48:37 5k)

PANTHERS: Average Pace = 11:30-13:00 per mile (35:40-40:20 5k)

CHEETAHS: Average Pace = 10:30-12:00 per mile (32:30-37:20 5k)

BOBCATS: Average Pace = 10:00-11:00 per mile (31:00-34:20 5k)

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  1. Right now, starting at the beginning of the clinic, I am pacing at the Cougar level. Should I exepct my pace to increase if I am consistent with the homework. I have been doing the Jaguar homework for the last week and find it to be pretty easy. I thought I would continue doing that, but my pace seems too slow to join that group. What do you think?

  2. Hi Kris – thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you can expect your pace to improve if you are consistent with homework. If you are on pace, comfortably, with the Cougar group then you are right where you need to be and it would be counter-productive to walk with the Jaguar group. However, it is fine for you to do the Jaguar homework on your own, at your own pace. Perfect!

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